Hand Block Printing

Our hand blocked fabrics are an integral part of our design process. These vibrant and bold prints are created by artists in India using traditional hand block printing techniques that have been passed down over many generations.

This beautiful textile art is one of earliest and slowest methods of fabric printing. It is truly magical to watch these artisans at work. The imperfections and irregularities that naturally occur lend each collection and each dress a uniqueness of its own. Each dress is the culmination of a process that brings together the skills and identities of our small family of dedicated block printers and makers. 

Natural Dyeing

It’s very important to us that our manufacturing methods are kind to the planet, so we use 100% natural fibres and dyes.

India’s expertise in vegetable dyes dates back to the Vedic civilisation. Using locally available materials, this technique derives colourings from plants, wood, invertebrates and minerals.

 Our Indigo, or the ‘King’ of natural dyes as it is called, is produced by fermenting the fresh leaves of indigofera tinctoria. Our Yellow dye is extracted from the fresh or dried rhizomes of turmeric or the outer skin of allium cepa onion, while our Red dye is made using beetroot, capsicum and beans.

These raw materials are not only sustainable, but renewable and biodegradable as well. They possess a wide range of medicinal and anti-microbial properties which are kind to human skin. Because no chemical dyes are used, no pollution is caused during the dyeing process and all production is manual which saves on energy.


Ethical Production

When we started our little clothing company we always knew it was essential that the people who made our clothes worked in a safe and healthy environment with equitable pay for all artisans and employees. Ours is a small Sedex Fair Trade Certified factory, committed to using only sustainable production methods with minimal waste. Leftover fabrics are donated to NGOs who use the fabric to make hair ties and other useful products.

Our manufacturers are actively involved in outreach and visit regularly with women from nearby villages who are extremely talented but, due to fewer resources and opportunities within their communities, are not necessarily able to find work. We have begun collaborating with them for hand work and by providing essential training we aim to help them create income and opportunities for themselves and their children.


Slow Fashion

It’s up to us to implement the changes needed to make the clothing industry more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. We can drive this change and reduce the carbon footprint of our wardrobes by choosing not to over-purchase or under-use our clothes.

With this in mind we have chosen timeless silhouettes that can last for seasons to come or endure as hand me downs from one sibling to the next, between family friends and the community.